Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weekly email

So we had a fun week. We got to share the new Easter film with a ton
of people. And general conference was cool. Andreas showed up for the
Saturday morning session. But after the third talk he got a text from
his wife that the water pipe broke in the house so he had to run home
to fix that. They had workers till about midnight. But he's off on
vacation now so I won't see him again till I have WhatsApp. It's been
way cool teaching him because he has a huge desire to follow God.

Today we're going to Frankfurt to be tourist there and then we're
heading up to friedrichdorf to see the temple before we have a meeting
with president Uchtdorf! He's meeting with three steaks and is going
to be talking about missionary work! It's exciting! Unfortunate we
missed our train by a minute so we have a little less time then wnted
in Frankfurt but it should still be fun.

This week we also went on a split with worms. I was in Mannheim with
elder Taylor, he's currently training and halfway through the split we
get a call. His trainie (elder Lichtenberg) forgot the keys so they
came back to pick them up from us. We got to show a lot of people the
video and even got two appointments! So hopefully that works out well.

Bis später,

Elder Flickinger

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Were going to see Uchtdorf!!!

So this week we have general conference, which will be great because
we get to hear from the prophets and apostle, but this next Thursday
president Uchtdorf is visiting our stake for a special meeting on
missionary work! No clue what that means but I'm excited as all get
out. I can't wait till next week!

This week we got to teach Andreas again. He's doing great and is going
to get baptized after I leave which is sad, but I still will be able
to skype. He's practically ready he just needs to come visit church a
few times then hes ready. Its been great to teach him but
unfortunately he goes out of town next week. He just retired so he's
celebrating with his wifi by going to some island (i can't remember
the name) but it's near Madagascar.

Besides that we had a fun Pday today, we ended up going to the
technical museum here in Mannheim. It was great. It's a bit like the
science museum in Washington, so we were basically just kids playing
with all the science things. It worked out because we didn't read
anything. Fun day.

We also had zone conference this week in Kaiserslautern. It was way
wired being back in k-town, and I got to see a few old members.
Although the highlight was the food! They know how to spoil us, we had
costavido burritos! They were so good. And for desert, brownies!!! Way

Thanks for all your emails,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, January 23, 2017


This week an friend made us some soup and rice. He brought out the
first plate of rice and I thought it was for all of us to share. Nope
that was mine.... and then he brought out a huge bowl of soup with it.
And than out of nowhere he pulls out some Middle East version of naan
bread! O my gosh man I don't have 7 stomachs. Well I start trying to
dipp the bread in the soup. His friend and him look at me, then each
other, than cant stop but laughing. Apparently im doing somthing
wrong. So they then show me the proper way to eat. Using the bread to
scoop up the rice, and then using the spoon to eat the soup. I still
am working on my naan-bread-rice-scooping skills but I made some

Besides hat we had a great day today. We went to go see Wallhalla.
It's a random pantheon building that has buffs of all the famous
Germans in it, including Gutenberg, Copernicus and Albert Einstein.
Although einsteins buff was fairly strange.

Spiritual highlight this week was seeing bri at church yesterday. She
was baptized a week ago and it was cool to see how happy she was
simple being at church. It reminded me of Alma 32 where he compares
the gospel to a seed. After someone has tried the seed or let it grow
they can say "It must needs be that this is a good seed, or that the
word is good, for it beginneth to enlarge my soul; yea, it beginneth
to enlighten my understanding, yea, it beginneth to be delicious to
me." Which is what bri reminds me of, her parent both day that she's
been way happier since she's been coming to church. Nothing crazy has
happened to let her know, she just started doing and found that it was

Thanks for all your emails,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, January 16, 2017

We had a Baptism!!!

So we've been meeting with this 16 year old since right before
Christmas and she got baptized this week. It's been really cool
meeting with her. Not only has she read the entire Book of Mormon (a
rarity among people getting baptized) she also has finished her
personal progress (the young woman's program similar to scouting but
more spiritual, which is a rarity to have finished at this age among
members). Her parents showed up to support the baptism and they both
have said that they have seen a difference in their daughters life
since she's been coming to church and going to the youth activities.
Her best friend gave a talk at the baptism, she really did a lot, and
I'm sure she answered a million questions, when we weren't there. He
best friends dad was baptized as he met his wife and this was his
first time going through the missionary lesson since his baptism. He
preformed the baptism and I did the confirmation. She showed up an
hour early to be baptism but a half hour late on Sunday for the
confirmation (which gave me a heart attack) Were not meeting with her
this week because it's finals week at her school so next week we'll
start going through the lessons again.

Fun part of living in german, our heat went out last night. Luckily
our apartment was still warm this morning but our hot water was also
out. So in Germany there are these little electric kettles... imagine
a water jug with a metal coil at the bottom. It boils a liter of water
in about 2 min! So I pluged that in the bathroom and used it to shave,
I feel so environmentally friendly, I can shave on just a 1/2 liter of
water. In case you wanted to know.

Hope you guys have a great day,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas in Germany

Merry Christmas everyone. I had a great week this week. We got spoiled
by our ward here. The American members know how to cook man. I think i
might need a new belt but I regret nothing.

We had a fun time this Christmas at a members house. We went by after
church and got to eat dinner with them and Skype our families. It was
just a chill day which doesn't happen to often in the mission.
Fortunately and unfortunately Christmas here is three days. Great but
also means all the stores are closed today so well have to do shopping
tomorrow. Luckily we have a dinner appointment tonight so we wont

We were able to teach someone this week. I always love teaching about
the Plan of Salvation because it just makes sense. It answers the
questions "why am I here?" "Where do i go?" And "where did i come
from?" In such a simple and true way.

Anyways sorry not to write a lot this week. We're going to go try and
hike up to this random Labrayth in the woods around where we live.
Figures crossed that we can find our way back out.

Elder Flickinger

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Markt

We had a fun Pday today and checked out the Regensburg Christmas
Markt. It was by far the best of them all. They host it around a
castle, and have a great variety of vendors. They also had live lamas,
which were fun to watch. We also got to run into a few members. I
swear we run into more tourist members then members of our own branch.
We seem to be a major stop on a Viking cruse.....

As far as this week goes we had a great week. We got to teach our two
investigators again. It was so cool with one of our investigators, we
asked him if he had prayed about what we told him. He did. He got a
special feeling that he hadn't felt before in his life after praying.
It was so cool to get to talk to him and explain that that was his
answer. Our other investigator hadn't gotten an answer but already has
seen how participating in the young woman program has improved her

We went on a split this week, which was nice. I was with our districts
new missionary, he's dang good. Although when a huge tatted up guy
stepped into the buss I was too scared to talk to him so I hit is foot
and nodded my head. He nodded no... I can't judge him.

We have a fun Christmas planned out. We're going to a members house.
I'll be skyping from there. We also have a Christmas Eve brunch
planned out for Saturday. Hopefully one of them wants to watch a movie
while we're there, because this is the only day I get to watch a

Elder Flickinger

Monday, December 12, 2016

Ping Pong in Feucht

So after a few more adventures p-day we decided to have a bit more
relaxing of a pday and just go play ping pong in our neighboring
church area Feucht. Its been a fun day and definitely nice to have a
relaxing pday. We have a great group of missionaries here.

Cooking adventure this week: trying to make a coconut chicken soup.
Not the best turn out, but still edible. Im not quite sure what the
Vietnamese secret is but I still cant replicate Tom Kai Gui.... one
day Vietnamese... one day. This weeks adventure. Pineapple chicken
stir fry. Fingers crossed.

Bedside that we had a cool miracle this week. We had some time before
our bus came to we went out to go talk to some people. One of them was
a woman from Regensburg. We got to show her the new christmas video
and talked a bit about our church. What was interesting was at first
she didnt show to much interest but after a while of talking she
adentmently told us that she would give us a call. It really cool
being able to see the spirit work in people.

I also had to give a talk in church. Just like the coconut chicken
soup, not the best. But I did have a good outline. I didnt realize how
hard it was to give a talk when you have to pause after every sentence
to wait for translation. I always thought that would be great because
you have time to think, but it has the reverse affect and always makes
me lose my train of thought. So the talk was okay. It was about
Christmas hope. I talked about how the wise man saw the star in the
sky as a sign of hope that their savior was born, that the Nephites
had a sign given to them (a day and night and day without darkness) as
a sign of hope, and how in our day the Book of Mormon is our sign of
hope that leads us to Christ.

Merry Christmas,

Elder Flickinger