Monday, December 21, 2015

Mission Conference Christmas Edition

This week was super fun, the highlight definitely seemed to be the
mission conference that we had. It was four zones and I got to see
some old friends from the MTC (missionary training center). Also this
Sunday we got our schedules filled up for Christmas week. Everyone's
inviting us over for the Christmas holiday. The ward here is amazing.

At zone training we learn about how to help investigators (people
looking into the church) progress using commitments. It was a funny
example of a man wanting to play professional soccer but not wanting
to practice or even try. Sometimes it's like when people say they want
to know if the church is true, and are happy to meet with us, but
won't read in the Book of Mormon, come to church, or pray about what
they've learned. He also helped us understand that they might not know
how important it is to do those things, but we do and it's our
responsibility to help them see that.

At church this week I got to sing in the choir, whoop whoop. We sung
some great songs, it was kinda scary because we didn't do so great in
the practice before sacrament but we were able to pull it off. Power
of prayer? :)

I'm super excited for Christmas in Germany, and to skype my family. Can't wait.

Elder Flickinger

Monday, December 14, 2015

American military

The new ward is amazing!!! There massive, like a standard 200 people
ward, and they all speak English. And they feed us! Talk about
missionary work, pray for the missionaries, feed the missionaries.
It's like a missionary heaven here. I'm super excited for this area.
My comp is great. He's from Northern California.

So our district is a bit different here, our district is basically me,
my comp (district leader) and the zone leaders. It's a small district,
but we share the building with the ktown district so there's a lot of
missionaries here.

My first day here I learned the hard way that when they say you need a
passport to get on base they mean it. Like a lot, no photocopy
forgerie, so now I know :) fun first day. We spent a bit of time at
the American shopping center (BX) it's like little America. They have
Taco Bell and Johnny Rockets! How cool is that. It's so weird it's
like a second culture shock.

I'm so excited for this area and can't wait until I actually learn
some of the members names,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, December 7, 2015

Transferred to Ramstein!!

Transfers were this week and I got transferred to Ramstein. It's an
American army ward, which means English speaking and Taco Bell! It's
sad to be leaving Paderborn, but I'm excited for a new adventure. I
leave tomorrow so I don't have a ton of time to pack. It was sad to
say goodbye to the ward here. At the end of church, the branch
presidents daughter, who was baptized last month, told me I was one of
her favorite missionaries. I'm sad to go but excited for my next ward.

Got a lot to do this Pday so I'll keep the Emil short, sorry

Elder Flickinger

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving in Germany

So German thanksgiving is earlier in the year then American thanksgiving. But we got to spend it with an American that invited "only close family this year" which was funny because everyone there was saying how small it was and I thought it already filled the dinning room table. It was great food! I ate a ton, like literally almost a ton. And then she brought out the pumpkin pie! It was so awesome. She's not a member but had a friend in high school that was and says she tries to always invite the Elders over for thanksgiving. It was so much fun, also everyone there works in the university so it was just like at home, being in a room full of educators. 

We also got to spend one time to check out the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) which every town sets up in the middle of the town. It's pretty cool. they have food and treats and food. (I'll let you guess what my favorite part is) Not going to lie I think we have the best one in the district. 

This week is transfers! I've been in Paderborn for 4 transfers so I might be leaving this one. Don don don gasp. Right in time to not celebrate Christmas with the ward. :( but there is also a good chance that I stay and my comp Elder Blau leaves.

The church has a supper cool new christmas video (it's 2 minutes) at

Also when you go to you can find a page about what you should know about missionaries. I'll try to send a link next week. But it also has great 60 second videos about our beliefs.

So that was my week. I hope you all have a good week and enjoy the Christmas season. 

Elder Flickinger

Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Stuck in Dahl

This week was crazy fast. On Wednesday we headed over to a small town
in our area called Dahl. We did checked up of a few people. One of
them took a little longer then we expected and we ended up having to
wait an hour for the buss. So we decided to try to walk half of
it...... We ended us stoping at this tiny little buss station in the
middle of nowhere. There was literally nothing by this bus station,
I'm pretty sure it was the buss drivers first time picking someone up
from there.

We also discovered that after 5 months in Germany I still cannot say
squirrel in German. It's not as easy as it sounds. Eichhörnchen. One
day Elder Flickinger, one day.

A girl in our ward got baptized this week. We tried to go but ended up
taking the wrong buss so we showed up an hour late..... Yup trying to
make a good impression with the ward. We did get to bring some people
with us so that was awesome that they could meet everyone. And see a
Taufbecken, even if it was being drained.

I gave my second talk in German this week. It was over scripture study
so I found scriptures to go along with the song "as I search the holy
scriptures" then I realized the German version was a little different
so I reorganized a small part. Afterwords one of the members told me
that my German has definitely improved since I got here. (Take that

The work is going along great. I have a split this week with our
district leader and I'm excited to soak in as much as I can. Because
Paderborn is so far away we do a two day split to make up for lost
travel time. Which makes the split only more fun :)

Elder Flickinger

Monday, November 16, 2015

One by one

This week was pretty cool. We were dooring at the university and found
a man that spoke English. Soon his friend showed up and said he had
talked to missionaries before. He then invited us in and we started
talking about the gospel. Eve talk another fiend showed up and all
throughout the lesson more people kept joining. It was so awsome! Most
all had the same question, what separates us from other christen
churches, our answer Joseph smith, the Book of Mormon, and the
restored priesthood. Every single one said they wanted a BoM to read!
Unfortunately one left for Frankfurt, so we had to give him to the
elders there. But we get to keep the other four.

This week we have zone training so we get to see the whole zone. Also
were headed off to a tiny town in our area because a member found
someone who want to hear more about the gospel! Our members here are
so cool.

My spiritual through this week: praying always by singing hymns. I had
to give a talk in district meeting about praying always and the entire
way their I was tying to think of a personal experience (I also
through in a few prayers to help me) but couldn't think of anything.
Until finally while giving my talk the idea hit me. "the song of the
righteous is a prayer unto me" and we can pray always by singing.
Which I related to a time in the mtc when I was so happy I just could
help but sing "Glory to God" in the middle of summer. I literally just
gained a personal experience about praying always while giving a talk
about praying always (I call it Gospel-ception)

Thanks for all of your emails

Elder Flickinger

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Analogy King

This week I gave a stab at making analogies. It went like this "Truth
is like a rock, it steadfast and doesn't changes. When we take the
crumbs of this rock and plant it we grown our own personal testimonies
on each truth" this is where my companion stopped me and noted that I
was planting stone crumbs to grow plants. I'll leave the analogies to
alma for this week.

This week was super cool. We got special permission to leave the
mission (that never happens) to go to the baptism of a boy in our

I also ran out of food so had to resort to fridge soup. It turned out
quite well but ill diffidently be buying more food this week.

Besides that this week went by unbelievably fast.

Thanks for everything,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, November 2, 2015

Dooring on Halloween

This week was great. We we're able to meet with some amazing members. One of our meetings a young man didn't show up so we were unable to go in, (missionaries can only enter a house if someone of their gender is in the house) so we pulled the table to the door and we sat outside and she sat inside and had a great dinner. Eventful her daughter invited some friends over so that we could come inside. They had to explain after we left why we couldn't come in. The man just seemed so puzzled the whole time we were there. 

This week we finished going through all of the commandments with our investigator that is progressing towards baptism. That means we just have to go through the last lessons and we're done! He's made so much progress it's amazing to see the changes he's made. I'm really hoping that I don't get transferred before his scheduled baptismal date. 

Halloween was fairly fun. We were doing some buss finding and had a bit of time to do some doors when we realized it was Halloween as a herd of children walked up to a door..... Maybe not the best day to knock on people's doors dressed up as missionaries. Although I don't think it's a common costume. :p

We're going to spend the Pday with our district. Which will be fun so I don't have a ton of time to write.

Spiritual thought of the week. I was reading the general conference talks and I came across these great questions by Dieter F. Uchtdorf to ask ourselves from time to time. These are just a few that help us, he also proposed others that help us evaluate if we're making things to complicated.
"Does my life have meaning?"
"Do I believe in God?"
"Do I believe that God knows and loves me?"
"Do I believe that God hears and answers my prayers?"
"Am I truly happy?"
"Are my efforts leading me to the highest spiritual goals and values in life?"

Thanks for all of your prayers and support
Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 26, 2015

House Shoes

So in Germany they have a culture of house shoes. There basically
slippers that you wear inside. It's pretty awesome because it keeps
your feet warm. :) and real Germans have house shoes for you to wear
when you visit. This week while at a members appointment I broke down
and decided that I finally needed a picture of the famous house shoes.
The member started cracking up. She apparently thought it was riot
that I wanted a picture of slippers. Glad I made her day. The best
part is we then had a good 5 min. conversation about what Americans
wear indoors.

We did a lot of work this week. We had five appointments in one day
unfortunate two fell through. (Or as I say in danglish "gecanceld") I
was super excited that I didn't get transferred because we have some
solid investigators that I really want to see progress.

This week I studied king Benjamins first General Conference. He gave a
great talk you should all read it in Mosiah chapter 2 through about

Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Dooring

Coolest thing happens this week. We were dooring in a tiny little Dorf
and one lady opens the door, before we can even say anything she says
" o hi elders, ummm, come on in" don't need to tell me twice.
Apparently she's from Alabama, and had a Mormon friend in high school,
she went to family home evening every week with them too. So she ended
us inviting us over for thanksgiving! How cool is that. Her husband
had to leave for bible study and he was able to give us a ride back
into town. I already love this family, and I don't even know how to
say their last name.

We also had a lot of termins outside of Paderborn this week. We spent
some time in Lipstat this week with a member from another ward (but
works in our area) who gave us a referral, and feed us lunch. All in
all a pretty awsome week.

This week I have to give a short talk on virtue. Any thoughts? Or good

We're going to go bowling with the zone today for Pday so I don't have
a lot of time to write, sorry.

Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 12, 2015

Power of the suit

Never underestimate the power of a suit. This week I got checked for
Schwartzfahering (riding without a ticket) twice. The first time I had
forgot my wallet in the apartment. Ahhh. So I did the walk of shame to
the front of the buss (they lock all the doors so it's the only way
out) and told the guy I forgot it. The then took me and the other lady
to the side of the street. Gave her a ticket. Luckily it was district
meeting day so I was still wearing my suit. He then looked at me and
said "Achtung" or something like it. I have honestly no idea what he
said but he then left, I was jumping with joy, I got a warning! The
second time it was the same guy when he got to me he said "hello
again" I made it into a big joke that I had learned my lesson. Moral
of the story wear a suit when Schwartzfahering.

This week we found an amazing new investigator. We doored into his
mother a week ago and asked if we could come back. Then we doored into
him (in the four times we've been to his house I have yet to have the
same person answer twice). His dad is from Columbia! And his mother is
German. So it was awesome when he forgot the word for homework in
German and said it in Spanish! Cool beans. He's already read the
introduction and we're going to continue to meet with him to answer
his questions. All in all I'm excited to see him progress, one minor
problem he doesn't believe in God, as a being, so he says he won't
pray till he believes in him. I appreciate the respect.

Besides that just another day in the neighborhood.

Elder Flickinger

Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 5, 2015

German General Confernece

Hey everyone

General conference was amazing! I got to listen to it in English (yeah
for my Muttersprache) I still can't believe we have three new
apostles! They seemed to mention following the Holy Ghost a lot and
keeping the sabbath day holy. I still haven't watched Sunday
afternoon since the time zones are so crazy. I always find it funny
how there seem to be overarching themes in each conference even though
it not planed.

This week was a little chaotic, in stake conference they kept saying
how much of a blessing it was to have missionaries in your home.
Suddenly we had a lot of member appointments. Hmmm wonder if there's a
connection there.... Our members here are great I love them all. We
visited a member that lives pretty far away. At the end we asked if
there was anything we could do to help him. He looked at us straight
in the eye then said " you can do missionary work in my town" I was
expecting something boring like "I need help moving boxes" but no, he
just wants us to do what we do every day just in his town every so
often. No problem we can do that.

Where going to try to start a gospel principles class so that our
investigators and new converts get a good solid foundation. All we
need is just approval from our branch president. I'm excited but super
scared to be teaching a class in German. I can understand the book in
German (after reading the chapter three times in English....) but I
have no clue how to teach in German. Let's just say I might be
inviting a lot of member to come to help answer anyone's questions.

Fun story, we missed our train to get home from General conference
last night, so we had to wait another hour for the next one. We got
home about 11:20 pm last night. I'm just loads of energy today.
Loads... :|

Elder Flickinger

Monday, September 28, 2015

Baking Bread and Buying Chocolate

Fun news. The food nanny (from byu tv) came to our zone conference.
She taught us all how to make bread in under 30 minutes. (Whoop whoop)
along with pizza dough. We're trying it out as a zone. She also sent
us all some new recipes that work in Germany. Speaking of recipes
anyone have some good potato ones? My comp is from Idaho and potatoes
are about as cheap as the dirt they come from.

So this week has been a bit chaotic..... Just a bit. We have had one
to many meetings, on Tuesday we had zone conferences, on Saturday and
Sunday we had stake conference. Doesn't sound like a lot until you
factor in that it takes about 2 hours to get to stake conference and 6
to get to zone conference (and who knows how long to get back). So I
got to spend a lot of time in transportation this week. Which is good,
I got to read a bit in the BoM and take some time to ponder over some
of its teachings.

We did get in some great contacting this week. I started talking to a
man on a buss, who then looked at me with the most puzzled look on his
face and says "I don't speak German" ENGLISH!!! O sweet English. We
got talking about religion and he wasn't to religious but we had a
great conversation about prayers. I was talking about how prayer is
really important to us. I forget what he said but basically he was so
shocked that I believe God does answer prayers. I then told him that
normally we don't get to hear a voice but we do get a feeling of peace
and joy. Unfortunate it was then his stop. But it got me thinking
about how some of the things I take as so simple(like how we recive
answers to prayers) some people have never even heard of.

On more worldly news we got permission to update to iOS 9!!!!! It's
awesome!! I'm slightly obsessed with the new notes app. I must admit I
don't know if I like the fact that the keyboard changes letters when
it capitalized but I think it will make it easier at the MET when kids
learn typing. The new notes app is the best! We don't get to download
any apps so we can't get a good note taking app so I was so happy to
see that we can now add drawings to my notes! It's so cool.

More worldly news, our grocery store had a %50 sale on
chocolate....... May have stocked up for a while.... I regret nothing.

My favorite daily thing about a mission so far is just having the
coolest conversations with the most random people about their beliefs.
I have to say my favorite part of a mission though is when they
finally know that the Church is true, and when they have enough faith
to act.

Till next week,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, September 21, 2015

Transfer Week

So I'm staying in Paderborn! However my trainer has left to coburg. My new companion elder Blau last served in Kaiserslautern, our English speaking ward, so between the two of us we have about a 2nd grade German vocabulary. He comes from a town smaller then glenwood somewhere in Idaho. 

We have zone conference this week which is interesting because we will be overnighting in Gelsenkirchen and spending some time with our zone up there. We're going a Zone Pday there so that will be fun. 

This week was defiantly interesting, I got to be babysat by the zone leaders while waiting for my new companion. His bus was a few hours late so as soon as he got off the buss my first words to him were something along the lines of "hi, I'm elder Flickinger and we have a train leaving in 7 minutes, grab your bags and let's run" we caught our train and made it to Paderborn with enough time to get in some quality contacting. 

We had a great amount of termins this week. Our kinda catholic preist investigator has decided to read the entire Book of Mormon and drive us to stake conference (which is great because there are not that many train times on Sunday). And our investigator with a baptismal date is already at Mosia 17!!! He's flying through the book. Besides that not a lot happened besides transfers. 

Scripture this week is 
3 Nephi 18:1-12 when Jesus introduces the sacrament among the Nephites. It's great to be able to partake of the sacrament each week and be able to bring it to a member that can't come to church. 

I hope you all have a great week, thanks for all the emails, 

Elder Flickinger

Monday, September 14, 2015

Chinese Food in Germany

I went on a split with our zone leader this week. That was cool to see
him in action. Elder Crittenden celebrated his year mark, and got
transferred to coburg. He leaves on Wednesday. My new companion is
Elder Blau..... Hmmmm interesting name and that about all I know of
him. I'm excited that I get to spend more time in Paderborn. The
branch here is amazing. We had quite a few member appointments this
week. It's great that I can now understand all of our members.
(Including the older ones that I swear speak a different German) I'm
getting to the point where I can understand a lot, but at the same
time I tried to street contact and someone asked me what language I
was speaking..... Hmmmm might have to work on the accent.

We got to teach this guy in the area who says he doesn't want to be
Mormon, but he asked us about our view on the after life so we'll
answer. We had a member present and she not a great testimony, she
shared a bit about her conversion and how at first she didn't want to
be a member either. Hopefully our next meeting will go good.

For Pday we went to a Chinese buffet. They had peanut sauce! I forgot
how much I love that stuff!!

Sorry for the short email this week I'll try to write more next week.
Any question or writing prompts?

This week while studying charity I realized how important it is and to
receive it we just have to pray. (Moroni 7 is a great chapter to read
about it, especially the last five or so verses)

Thanks for all your prayers and emails

Elder Flickinger

Monday, August 31, 2015

Museum Hide and go Seek

Last p-day was awsome! We went to the Heinz Nixdorf Museum. It starts
off with accent record keeping and works though human history till
about 10 years ago with technology. They had ancient calculators and
mores code. Some way old telephone router that was massive and supper
loud but you could call someone on the other end of the museum. And my
personal favorite part, robots!!! They had these robots that you could
play hide and go seek with. They would also take you to different
parts of the museum. It's awsome. Their kinda Dalekish from Doctor Who
so hopefully no bad wolfs show up. (Hehehe doctor who joke)

I also gave my first talk in German yesterday! I gave it over the
restoration and a member told me it was great, so I'll take her word
for it. I think my German was fairly understandable. Afterwords we
sung "Joseph smiths first prayer" or "O wie lieblich war der Morgen"
it was so cool. I also gave the last talk and finished right on time.
Boo yaa. And we had two investigator in the congregation, which was
awesome because a member just showed up with her friend. Awesome

This week we're going to try to go find a castle, fingers crossed.

Elder Flickinger

Monday, August 17, 2015

Setting up an iPad for a Priest

This week's theme seemed to be reverse missionary work. It started by
dooring into a Jehovah Whitness who, after a short conversation, ended
up giving us pamphlets. Then while street contacting we ran into a
lady going to church who was extremely persistent that we should walk
with her to her Church. And it ended with meeting with a priest of
some religion (probably catholic) who after he saw our iPads went and
got one and is having us help him get the bible and the Book of Mormon
on it. Why yes this week was a bit odd. But we did get in a few
amazing lessons.

We have one investigator who is flying through the lessons and came to
church yesterday! He's awesome. I don't know how else to say it. He's
the best in lessons and reads from the Book of Mormon every day.
That's honestly the best way to know its true. He hasn't received an
answer over the Book of Mormon yet but I think he said he knows the
church is true (I'm assuming I understood that German)

We also had an amazing lesson with a family from Nigeria. We found
them my second week here and they've been slowly progressing. This
week the father finally opened up to us (with some help from his wife)
and asked us a few spiritual questions which lead perfectly into the
second lesson (the plan of salvation aka Gods plan for us) and at the
end he said he had some more questions about forgiveness and being
made clean. Which fits perfectly into the third lesson (the gospel of
Jesus Christ). It was so amazing that he opened up and asked
questions. (Always ask the missionaries questions, trust me it makes
our day to have some good questions to ponder and study)

Asking a missionary questions is a bit weird I imagine. But I can't
put it better then how our recent convert Paul said while convincing
his mother to ask us a question "they've come all the way from ____,
saved their money to pay for a mission, and wear white shirts every
day for two years, to just answer questions. Ask them! that's why
there here." It's truly why we're here as missionary's to answer your
questions, whether it's "what does this scripture mean?", or a
question of the soul like "why am I here on the earth?" Small or
large, we love questions. There are no stupid or silly questions to
us. Trust me we know our religion is a bit different then others (it
what makes it true too). The questions that we don't have time to
answer or that we have to look into are my favorite. As missionaries
we will spend hours (while on our bikes or while eating) pondering
about your questions, please throw us a bone, ask us a question! If
you don't want to in person you can always go to to
ask a question. (Ps feel free to email me one)

This week I also got a package from my awesome family. Thanks, my
companion has literally read the "The extremely effective missionary"
three times in the last two days..... I've only been able to pry it
away from him long enough to read half of it. But it got me thinking
about how we need to always be trying new things to see what works.

This week I have my first split where I'm hosting! (a split is where
you trade companions for a day with another missionary) It's scary but
I'm excited and it's going to be fun because Elder Ewig was in my MTC
group. Which means neither of us can speak German. Jk my Germans come
a long way I'm now able to understand almost everything someone says (
of what people are saying.

Thanks for all your emails

Elder Flickinger

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Baptism in Paderborn!!!

This week was amazing! We had a baptism here in Paderborn! To clarify
usually baptism are in a font inside a church, but because the church
building is small here we don't have a baptismal font. So usually
people go to Hagen or Unna or Dortmund to be baptized. However, our
investigator was determined to be baptized in the natural spring water
of Paderborn ever since he learned it was an option. So on Saturday he
was baptized in here in Paderborn. It was so amazing and all of our
ward showed up for the service.

What also amazing this week is we got to talk to Paul's mother (Paul
was the one baptized). She was a little worried about what Paul was
doing, so we helped answer some of her concerns. The amazing part was
that almost every question she asked Paul would answer before we
could. Her first question was if Paul was moving into a gated
community (life lesson there's a lot of crazy lies about Mormons on
the Internet) so we told her no and as far as we knew he had no plans
of moving. Then she had a few doctoral questions and Paul bore an
amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon. She also asked to meet with
us again this week.

At the baptismal service some of his friend and family said how much
they've seen Paul change and how great this church has helped him.
They were all so supportive and the ward was amazing about making
everyone feel welcomed.

And another amazing story this week. A few weeks ago we had a referral which we gave a Book of Mormon too. Last week we
texted him if he wanted to meet and talk about it. Eventually we got a
meeting set up. The first one was a bit strange but the second one was
really spiritual and I think he said he knew this church was true (I
still don't understand all German) and we invited him to be baptized
and he accepted! Which is so cool because this was about 3 hours after
Paul's baptism. Done with one investigator onto the next.

This week was so cool. I know this church is true. And the best part
is it's simple to know for yourself. Meet with the missionaries to
learn what we believe, read the Book of Mormon, and then pray about it
all and I know God will let you know, I've seen it it my life and in
others. If you want to know more go to and request a
meeting with the missionaries or chat with them online at you won't regret it, it will bless your life beyond
measure. Don't believe me, just try it. What do you have to lose? An
hour of ur time? (low risk, high reward, sound like a deal to me;)

Thanks for all your prayers and emails,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, August 3, 2015

Finished my First Transfer!

As missionaries one thing we do is prepare people for baptism. Our
purpose is to help people and invite them to do this along with the
necessary steps leading up to it. Everyone moves at a different pace
and one of the scariest things for me to do is ask people if they will
be baptized. This week we met with a man in a park and we start
explaining what we do as missionaries and get to know him and he just
comes out saying he want to be baptized. Ok awesome, we say that's why
we are here and we want to help him prepare for that. He then asks if
we can do that this Sunday (it was Friday that we were talking with
him) we then had a good conversation about how it's important and some
preparation is necessary. Like learning the commandments (as he's
smoking...) and some important principles of the gospel. It's amazing
that he has such a strong desire to be baptized.

Speaking of baptism.

We have a baptisms scheduled for this Saturday!!! This man where
teaching is the most amazing person every. He started out not really
believing in anything but a God. Now he has a super strong testimony
of the savior. He scared me every time we met with him because he was
so concerned about so many things, but slowly, his faith grew along
with his understanding. Then one day he just told us he was ready for
baptism and finally understood why we were always happy. Following the
commandments is the best way to be happy. We don't have a font here in
Paderborn so we're going to tauf him in a lake. Good news baptism, bad
news, one foot of water which is really cold.

As I finish up my first transfer I want to reflect of some things I've learned.

You never actually figure out what your doing. You kinda just go with
it. Your plan for the day almost never works out how you thought it
would, yet everything that needs to happens happens.
Germans are the most paradoxical people I've ever met. They're
perfectly polite yet brutally honest, they are supper professional yet
know how to party. I can't explain it but their awesome.

There is no such thing as sharing the gospel in one language. In a
single day you can lose track of how many languages people speak that
you run into. Luckily German and English are the most predominant.

I know this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is the best
book on earth. It truly is scripture and helps us come to know Christ.
He is at the head of his church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints. We have prophets on the earth and he is inspired to help
and lead us.

Thanks for all your prayers and emails,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, July 27, 2015

And Suddenly There Where Sheep

Door in Germany, turn the corner and suddenly there where sheep staring at me.

Role plays are not an uncommon thing to do as a missionary. There a great way to practice what your going to say and how to make translation and bring in scriptures. Well yesterday me and my
companion decided to do some dooring role plays (dooring is when you knock on someone door and try to talk with them). We were also trying to practice dooring with "unity in our companionship" basically helping and supporting what each other says. But we still wanted
someone to talk to so we drew Spiegel Mutter (mirror mother) to talk to. So what to missionaries do before knocking on your door? They talk to a drawing on their bathroom mirror. Yup mystery solved.

Apparently I've not written anything about my comp. His name is Elder Crittenden, he's from Utah and left on his mission after graduating. All of his friends are on Spanish speaking missions, so I write sentences in Spanish in his emails so his emails can start with a Spanish sentence like everyone else's.  He's a hard worker, funny and a great trainer. Also a good chef.

This weeks miracle was brought to you by a dropped appointment. We were suppose to meet someone in the park but he didn't show so we were walking around and I recognized this guy who my comp reminded me was a deaf guy that we talked to two weeks ago. Crazy running into him again. So we sat down and asked him about how his reading in the Book of Mormon was going and gave him a few pamphlets because reading lips is hard. Random question of the week, "What sign language do you sign in Germany?" Im 90% sure it's not ASL.

This weeks scripture is John 10:14-16
14 I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.
16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.
This really teaches us that we can put our trust in Christ and he will lead us. Also it reminds us that Christ knows all of us individually, wherever we are in the world and no matter who we are. It also reminds us of Christ huge sacrifice for us and all he asks is for us to be his sheep and to follow him.

Thanks for all you love and support, and funny emails,

Elder Flickinger

Monday, July 20, 2015

Declaration of War on Fruit Flies

So this week we had a small fruit fly infestation.... That's what I get for trying to eat fruit in Germany. Apparently they have a small attraction to orange peals and have now taken over half the kitchen. But little did they know that we would not give up this land so easily. Hence the war of the kitchen has began. It started with some smacking of flys. Seage started with the throwing away of the garbage bag and it quickly escalated to moving all fruits into the fridge. Offensive moves were necessary so the electric fly swatter was brought in, but even that would not scare them off. We have no choice now but to use extreme measures, a homemade fly trap! Our district leader gave us specific instructions on how to make one from a plastic bottle. The bad part: in Germany you get money for recycling some of the bottles, which means this fly trap is going to cost us 18 cents. O flys how you force us to desperate measures. But this is our land and we will fight to the euro to defend it. (🍊 = fruit fly lighthouse )

This week was a big milestone. I was upgraded from cart pusher to speed bagger. German checkout ladies are the fastest in the world. The catch, you have to bag ur groceries. Not being proficient in the art of speed bagging yet we decided to start with simply just trying to get all the groceries into the cart. Still not an easy task but I survived my first round.

This weeks miracle was brought to you by have a question about Mormons? Go to for all your Mormon related questions. This week we got a referral!!! Which was awesome except were pretty sure he's met with missionaries before because he was a pro at giving us as little info as possible while still receiving the Book of Mormon. Well try to get ahold of him this week, but he seems like a pro at this...... Hmmm.

Today I was reading in the scriptures about Alma the older and how they were delivered out of captivity. It's a great read and really relates to relying on the Lord, and went along with this talk we were listening to about daily bread and how God only gave the Israelites Mannan for the day. Which related to God giving Alma instruction on how to escape the day they were to escape. (Mosiah 23-24)

This week I also tried to plot out everyone in the Book of Mormon that had ahold of the records of the people. I have everyone but I was trying to match it with scriptures and could not find when Mosiah gives the records to Alma the younger (or the older) It's been driving me nuts so if you find a scripture for it please send it my way.

Thanks for all your emails and prayers,

Elder Flickinger

Ps. Anyone from biology class remember the fruit fly lab..... What was the best way to attract red eye flies?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cheating at Bingo

So this week we got to eat lunch on Sunday at a members house. It was great food. They made potatoes with a rhubarb sauce on top. Afterwords we played bingo where the loser has to share a scripture. So halfway through this speed round of bingo I'm completely lost on which numbers he is calling out so I peak over at the board with all the numbers on it and he completely calls me out for trying to cheat at bingo. The funny part, I still lose. Moral of the story, you will never win if you cheat, especially if a German catches you. 

This week we also had a great lesson with an investigator. I think that I learned more from it then the investigator. It was our first member present lesson with this investigator so I was excited for that. About 20 min into the lesson though I was getting a bit upset with our member because he was always talking and not letting the investigators say anything. But after a few short prayers I started to pay more attention to what he was saying. The spirt was so strong and he was helping our investigator so much with everything that we had been trying to do for a week. It was crazy so I sat back and let the member do the talking. Afterwords we asked our investigator what he thought and he said that it helped him a ton.

While studying the scriptures this week I found a cool relation between scriptures and missionary work. In D&C 11:21 it says "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men." Which is cool because a part of mission life is studying every morning before we go out and speak with people. I always thought of that as a long term kinda thing, but it also works great for a day to day practice.

Another cool spiritual thing was the article in this months Ensign,  "Filled with Life and Energy" by Randal A. Wright. It brings up some interesting points about waking up early which has been a fun adjustment to missionary life :| no smile.... But it has been a great blessing. 

Elder Flickinger

Monday, July 6, 2015

Water and Fire

So this week was great. Saturday was crazy hot and then on Sunday it
was raining cats and dogs while we were on our bikes.... Yea we kinda
got soaked, to the bone. My comp made some homemade mac and cheese
that was so great! The work is going great, we meet with quite a few
people this week. And this Sunday our investigator came to
church!!!that was so cool. Also one of our recent converts is doing a
great job at sharing the gospel so we might get a few more from him.

Funny story for this week. Here in Paderborn a good 50 percent of the
people think that we're Jehovah Witness (even though I have yet to see
one) so earlier this week we doored a street and some guy yelled at me
(I have no clue what he said) and the next lady said that we where
here yesterday. So we decided to door a different area near the
British base. After a few doors this guy came out to his back yard
with two glasses full of ice water. He asked if we were filling in for
the usual missionaries, we told him that we were Mormons and from a
different church and he then asked us a few questions. So moral of the
story; being mistaken as a Jehovah's Witness will get u yelled at and
ice water. Totally worth it

Sorry to keep it short but we're kinda busy today.

Elder Flickinger

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week One in Germany

This week has been crazy. I'm officially in Germany!!!! I arrived the
first day we we got straight to work with orientation. We also got
iPads! It's so cool we can download videos to share and we can have
the Book of Mormon in basically every language (something I soon
learned was a necessity) after they fed us they got us started with a
board display. We started talking to random people in the street about
das Buch Mormon basically. It was cool, Frankfurt has a million
languages and is extremely international.

We stayed the night in the hotel and then in the morning did a bit
more orientation and we finally got our companions and areas. My comp
is Elder Crittenden from Utah. He's really cool and is a great
trainer. We've been going strong since I got here. It took us two days
to get to Paderborn because we had district meeting in Unna and it was
a waste of euro to go to Paderborn then turn around the next day. So I
finally made it to my new home.

Sunday was the best. We got to church a bit earlier and I was able to
meet most of the members. Then in sacrament meeting, Sunday school,
and Priesthood meeting the branch president made sure to let everyone
know that we have a new missionary (At which point everyone in the
branch of 24 would look at me). I got to give a short testimony in my
check mix German which was fun. It was linger longer this Sunday......
We need to step up our game. This was the best linger longer in my
life. We had a full course meal, which was amazing and I could have
died right then. Someone had made this amazing peach and chicken
thing. And the cake was great too. They had a coconut one, a malize
pan cake. Everyone said hi and talk a bit with me and the kids all
thought it was fun when I couldn't pronounce the word tape in German.
We have about 25 members and 12 of them are under 12.

A bit more about my area. Paderborn is a biking mission. So after a
year plus of not riding a bike that's pretty fun :( it's getting me
into shape that's für sure. We also have buss passes. And our area is
huge! It takes over an hour by train to get to some of the corners and
it's quite expensive so we don't go out there that often. The work is
going to be great here and I'm so excited to get started.

A great moment this week was when we were walking to an appointment we
ran into two people siting on a bench and asked if they would like to
hear a message about Jesus Christ, they said they were just talking
about him and would love to hear what we believe. We have an
appointment with them tomorrow. It was so cool.

So far the languages I've spoken this week
An attempt at farsly (Iran)
Some sigh language to a lady in the park (ain't nothing like making
sentence out of thin air, literally) she wasn't interested but she
gave a thumbs up to Jesus Christ and a thumbs down to Heligen der
Letzten Tage.
So far no Spanish.... Next week.

We're also looking really hard for a service project to do, anyone
have any ideas?

Elder Flickinger

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lets Do This Thing

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say good-bye from the MTC. My flight leaves tomorrow at 4 am so I get to say goodbye. Im so excited to be sharing the gospel in Germany. I cant wait to get there and get started. Thanks to everyone that helped me get here. I cant wait to email you from Germany. 

I just wanted to bear my testimony that I know this Chuch is true and that my call was inspired and given through a living Apostle. I know that through diligent scriputre study and prayer God will answer our prayers. He has prepared us for the things He wants us to do and the people He wants us to meet. I know that He is preparing people in Germany right now for me. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it realy was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

Thanks for all of ur love and prayers. 

Elder Flickinger

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last Week at the MTC

So Im approaching my last week at the MTC here are some spiritual things Ive learned

1. The Book of Mormon is amazing and we have prophets to guide us in these latter days. The Book of Mormon was translated and printed by a prophet and we have a prophet to guide us and help us to come closer to Christ. Isint that amazing I guess this is a bit more of God Loves us so much that he has given us what we need to come back to him and he helps us find it. 

3. We can pray for anything. This week all of my prayers have been answered. To the point where Im now praying to know what I need to pray for. Its amazing that we have a Hevanly Father that loves us and want to bless us and answer all of our prayers. 

4. Be Obedent. It seems to be a common theme in a lot of talks about how we have to be exactly obedient. But also this week D&C 130:20-21 has popped up a lot. "21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." Basically if you want blessings you have to follow commandment connected to the blessings. 

And some not so spiritual things Ive learned

1. Don't bring hangers to the MTC. There a waste of space and they cost 4-8 cents in the book store.

2. Be an international arrival! Its amazing the perks include...
  • Meet all the international arrivals because you show up a day early and have instant friends anywhere you see them
  • Making people think ur fluent in another language (Si, soy fluent.... Asi Asi)
3. Dont drink the Orange Juice. Here is my conspiracy theory over the Orange Juice. The MTC Department of Research (actually found their office in the basement of a random building) is working on a formula to make a generation of Super Missionaries. Right now they testing new formulas in the Orange Juice. They have these underground tunnels that connect the buildings so they can hide all of their secret laboratories and conduct other test... Basically when I find something new about the MTC I try to connect it to the Orange Juice Conspiracy. Its a fun mental game. 

And on a more "here is what I did this week" note; I got to go to the SLC Temple which was amazing. I also got to go to the LDS Humanitarian Services and make a quilt. It was so nice to do normal service for an hour (at the MTC we have 2 hours of service a week but it basically means 2 hours of cleaning the MTC). Also I was amazed at how much the Church does to help with their service. One of their three purposes is to help people to become self sufficient so most of their project help people achieve that along with helping them. We also got to see the visitor center and the conference center and the Tabernacle. It was so cool to see all those places.  

My temporary companion for the day was from Mexico. So I got to practice a bit of my spanish with him. 

This week I broke my glasses. Sad day. But on the bright side I got to go off campus to get new ones. What was really awesome is people would say hi to us. We ran into a senior couple serving a stay at home mission (new pilot program) and someone offered to pay for our lunch (we had to decline because we eat at the MTC). We also got some planing done for our investigators which was great. 

Thanks for all of ur prayers and help.

Elder Flickinger

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fire Nation

We've determined everyone's bending element (I'm Air and my comp is Earth...)

I got to play in Church this week and it turned out amazing. Ill try to attach a video of me practicing. Im going to try to play all three songs this week so lets hope it goes well. Some of our presidency is leaving this week and its our second to last week so we will be playing "God be with you till we meet again" But I was I nailed "Come Follow Me"

So my companion has found out that I have a small obsession with rice. This week I have going through rice withdrawal but them the cafeteria had TERIYAKI BURGERS!!! which means more importantly TERIYAKI SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!! which means even better things can be made like rice and teriyaki (I feel like I may have gotten carried away with caps lock there for a little). 

So this week I felt amazing after doing a slamming job of playing the piano that it's time to pick up the violin again. The good news is that it's like riding a bicycle and I haven't forgotten a thing. The bad news... I was never good at playing the violin. So basically we compared it to the three degrees of glory. I was Telestial, my companion is Terrestrial and the sister from the other zone is Celestial because she plays so good (like how are you not a pro). So lets just say Im going to be sticking to the piano for a while.

This Tuesdays devotional we had the relief society president talk (thats whats happens when you have more sisters in the MTC then elders) She gave a great talk on how we are disciples and I went to share a scripture so I got put on the gumbo screen (it was so scary, i thought i saw my dork dot back on my nametag) Near the end one thing that she said that really stuck to me was "We all begin somewhere, we start where we are and move forward" I think that that is a great quote for us as missionaries and as we help investigators to come unto christ. We all are starting somewhere, no matter where that is, its great when we start moving forward. 

Also I now have a new favorite scripture. Is Moroni 8:26 "And the remission of sins bringeth meekness, and lowliness of heart; and because of meekness and lowliness of heart cometh the visitation of the Holy Ghost, which Comforter filleth with hope and perfect love, which love endureth by diligence unto prayer, until the end shall come, when all the saints shall dwell with God." Isint that a great scripture. I love how it also touches on some of the points in the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End) I love how it also brings up how we must pray diligently and how it references the Plan of Salvation by stating that we will then dwell with God when the end comes. 

-Elder Flickinger

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another Crazy Week at the MTC

This week has been crazy. We got to teach a German member (unfortunately we don't Skype them because enough people in Provo UT. are German) Also my capitalization is also going nuts because Germans are capitalization happy. 

This week my "Ziel' is to learn to play two songs on the Piano. I can kinda play Called to Serve and Come Follow Me. Come Follow Me is insainly easy so I guess I know what we are going to be singing in church on Sunday. Thanks again mom for having me take piano lessons and learning to play the violin. Its weird but I still remember most of it. (Except how to play left hand. But I might sneak a google in to figure that out). 

On a funny german story Ive accidentally been saying "Jesus Christi hat fur uns getort" which I thought was "Jesus died for all of us" Turns out its "Jesus killed for all of us." It should be "Jesus Christi hat fur uns gesterbt" which is "Jesus died for all of us" Turns out the word for dead "Tod" and the verb to kill "toten" are more alike than the verb to die "gesterben" .... opps, that explains all of the odd looks i get.  good thing im learning this now when im just talking to members and not scaring off Germans with false doctrine. Also it turns out the the Swedes and Romainish have been having the same problem. #LearningANewLanguage

This week my companion got an ankle injury so I finally got to wait in the waiting room of the Clinic. They have an Origami section so I learned how to make a Snail, a Bird, and a Gold Fish! It was fun because we had to go to the clinic then off campus to get Xrays. (Going off campus make us really happy because the campus is kinda small so we cherish the opportunity to see the outside world) Then we had to go to the clinic. So basicaly I learned origami and the only reading I had was the handbook so I now know all the rules inside and out. whoop whoop.

The IT vs. Missionaries war has its victor. ME :) I found a computer and a small work around that lets me upload photos :) I think its how they want you to do it because its what the instruction on one of the scripts they have on its says to do so I dont know how much of a work around it is, but it works so I'm happy. 

All in all this week has been fun and exhausting. They are not kidding when they say a missionary can fall asleep at the end of the day in a second. We get up at 6:30 every day except on Monday when we have to get up at 6:00 to do a special service (Cleaning the MTC, everyone has to do it).

My spiritual experience from this week was from a talk by Elder Christopherson which he gave for devotional about how you need to learn to love the people you serve. If the Germans in Germany are anything like the Germans I've met at the MET then that will be no problem. As long as you love the people you can get around some mispronounced words and a "charming" accent and let the spirit teach. 

Ps. Im so jealous that the school just now got 3d printers. And there was a robotics comp at the city of knowledge just after as I left.... what is this? 

Elder Flickinger

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Singing for an Apostle

Snail Races

Ok this week has been crazy. We've finally gotten into the swing of things which is still crazy because every minute you're scheduled to be doing something. I haven't even been able to write in my journal this week. 

So Dad totally nailed it with my companion... He likes to be places on time and I'm constantly late. Or I was up until last week, then we started getting to class early. I was like wow Im getting great at this.... Nope. Yesterday I discovered that he changed my clock so that I would get ready faster. 

Anyways my companion is great he understands my need to bust out into random song and since he can sing and knows basically every song under the sun we have a blast walk to and fro places. 

Speaking of singing I GOT TO SING FOR AN APOSTLE!!!!!! It was so crazy. I was in the choir and the director (Who is super funny btw) tells us that were singing for someone special but wouldn't tell us who. So we show up on Tuesday for the devotional and learn that we get to sing "My Prayer" or more commonly known as "More Holiness Give Me" (Look it up its amazing) to Elder Holland! It also turns out that our director called his secretary and pried it out of her that "More Holiness Give Me" is his favorite song! It was so amazing. He then gave this amazing talk about how in the armor of God our only weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, which is also called the Word of God. So basically he told us that we need to SPEAK as missionaries and we cant remain silent. He also went into how our only guaranteed convert on our mission should be ourselves. It was so cool and spiritual. 

This week has been great. We do a lot of role playing with investigators. We have two right now and our first lesson went great but our second one was a bit more rocky. Were still learning how to bounce off one another as a companionship. But we did these little "teach the lesson in 7 minutes" practice and I have to say I felt like we nailed it. Tomorrow we get to do TRC which means we skype a real family in Germany and basically give them a short lesson. Did I mention that all of our lessons so far have been in German! Its crazy right. Also we pray so much in German that praying in English sounds wired. They actually taught us how to pray in German first. I guess they figure if anyone is going to know what we're trying to say it will be our Heavenly Father. 

So I lost my daily planner this morning. I just found it which is awsome expect for the fact that it was in my pocket..... In the washing machine. :( Guess I have to figure out how to get a new one. 

Snail Racing

So heres my testimony in german.

Mein Zeugnis

Guten morgen Bruders und Schwester. Ich Glaube dass Familien ewig ist. Ich weiss dass das Buch Mormon wahr ist und von Gott ist. Ich glaube Gott seine kinder liebe. Ich glaube der Heiligen Geist leiten. Ich weiss dass Gott unser ewig Vater ist. Wir Können durch den Heiligen Geist wissen, das Evangelium wahr ist. Ich weiss den Heiligen Geist gebeten antworten. Ich weiss dass das Kirche ist wahr und ein Prophet leiten das Kirche en unser letzten Tage. 

Basically in English

I believe that families are eternal. I know that the book of mormon is true and it is from God. I believe that God loves us and the Holy Ghost can lead us. I know that God is our eternal father. We can know that the Gospel is true through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost answers prayers. And I know that the church is true and we have a prophet leading us in these latter days. 

Sorry its not that organized it was created based off what words I knew.

Its been great to read all of ur emails. I hope that everyone is doing great and thanks for all of the prayers. 

Elder Flickinger

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First Week at the MTC

Week one at the MTC has gone great!!! I arrived a day early which was scary because I didn't know if anyone would know I was going to be arriving but sure enough there was my two crazy zone leaders who helped me find my room. There seriously polar opposites but they made a great companionship. They both headed out yesterday so hopefully Ill be able to meet them in the field. 

One the topic of companions I have an awesome companion. Were so in sync its not even funny. We cant play rock paper scissors because we always tie. His name is Elder Park and he's from somewhere in Utah (I cant keep track of all of the mini towns). Its awesome because we get along so well, and he's really good and pronouncing words in German so he is constantly correcting my "charming" accent. Hes also from a VonTrop family (did i spell that right? the family from The Sound of Music.) so I'm officially in the MTC Choir which is awesome because you get the best seats for devotionals. 

The MTC is AMAZING. I love it and don't ever want to leave. The food is fairly decent if you know to avoid the orange juice (i still havent tried it, to many bad stories). When you first arrive you get a bright orange dot on your name tag so everyone knows to say hi. I cant believe its been a week already. Everyone is super nice and friendly. I meet an Elder from switzerland today and he spoke german and I understood him!!!!!! 

We gave our first lesson in german on our second day here..... so that first one went... well.. intersesting. Basicaly all i could say was "Gott libt du" which I hope mean God loves you. Our lesson with him yesterday was way better. Every time we pray we pray in german so im already forgetting how to pray in English, it feels wired to pray in english. We also sing all of our songs in German and I can bear my testiomny in German, so thats pretty darn awsome. 

Everyone in my german class has taken german before so were all kinda on the same page (Or at least in the same chapter) Although i freaked out the teacher because i knew what the command form was from spanish class. 

My companion and I have been called to be Sacrament Music People (I cant remember the exact name) Basically we pick the songs we sing in sacrament meeting. Its kinda sad because no one in our missionary ward can play the piano so im trying to learn Called to Serve and my companion is trying to learn Choose the Right. 

One thing that Ive really learned while teaching lessons and study the scriptures is that we have the ability to pray for anything, not just the usual blessings or giving thanks. We can pray for a purer heart or wisdom to fix our faults. You just have to get creative and the Lord will bless you so long as it is righteous. 

PS. It wont let me attach more then one photo

Selfie with my Companion outside of the Provo Temple

Elder Flickinger

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Check in From the MTC

So we have some time today to email everyone and let them know that we arrived safely. We have some extrime on the email so I thought I might email a blog post. 

Yesterday was amazing. I slept on most of my flight to be honest. On my flight to Salt Lake City I met a sister missionary going to the MTC. It was crazy! (I also met a kid from Bogota getting adopted)

Time to go.

Im alive and at the MTC Ill have time to write later

Elder Flickinger

Monday, May 11, 2015

New Chapter

Its official, Im now Elder Flickinger. I'll report to the Missionary Training Center tomorrow night after a full day of flying. I gave my farewell talk last Sunday about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My father gave a great talk on why we serve missions and because it was Mothers Day my mother gave a talk on moms. It was sad to say goodbye to so many friends, both from the Church and the School, however I know that they are all supporting me on this new adventure. 

For those of you who don't know Ill be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Frankfurt Germany for two years. I leave tomorrow and cant wait to get started. 

It was also great to talk to my sister yesterday for mothers day. She is serving in the Alpine German Speaking Mission. I think she has about one more year left in her mission. It was nice to talk to her again after almost six months of just emails. (Missionaries can only call home twice a year but we can write home every week). She is having a great time in Switzerland. If you want you can follower her blog at

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

One Week and Counting

Heres a Dino

Its official. I will be leaving in one week for my mission. Im so excited and can hardly wait. This post is just to see if my IFThisThenThat is working and hopefully it will show up on Facebook!! I also needed a Picture to test out some photo awesomeness.

And a second photo for good luck.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Update on Preparations

After talking with my sister about how to learn german (she lived there for a year and is currently serving a mission in Switzerland) I decided to not try to read the Book of Mormon in german. She told me that its basically crazy. A way better way is to try to read Preach my Gospel or Verkundet mein Evangelium! Preach My Gospel uses more current words and you have to teach it in german. As amazing the Book of Mormon I think Ill have better luck learning german by trying to use Preach my Gospel (since that is what I will be teaching from). I will however try to memorize certain key scriptures in german.

Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Buy a Suit in Bogota

A little backstory first (Skip if you don't care, it has nothing to do with suits).

 My family is living in Panama. None of us are Panamanians. However both of my parents are living here so they have work visas that let them stay. I was planning on leaving for my mission much earlier so I never got a work visa. So here I am in Panama (beautiful country) on a tourist visa. Well those only last for six months. Mine expires at the end of January. To reset it all you need to do is leave the country and come back in. Simple. A little planing later and I'm going to spend a week in Bogota, Colombia. Cool right. Who would have though that I would be spending my 19th birthday in Bogota. Not me. Bogota also has a swiss embassy so I can get my Swiss passport while I'm there. (Incase you are curious Panama dose not have a swiss embassy). So after a day in Bogota we (my mom and I) realize that Bogota is freezing. Like cold. The high is in the 70s F (20s C). Coming from Panama we both come to the conclusion that it is way easier to buy most of my missionary stuff here (where they sell things like sweaters) then in Panama (your lucky to find wool). 

At first we didn't know what to look for in suits. We kinda knew but not well. So I wanted to share a three websites I found that helped me. 

First Website

I like how they explained the double vent. I always though it was odd until they explain that it makes it easier to get to your pockets. Cool

Second Website

This one is great because it has pictures on how a suit should fit. 

Third Website

This is from the church and has the rules for a suit along with pictures of missionaries in suits. Great to see whats allowed. 

Conclusion. None of these websites was ground breaking but they helped me to pick out two awesome suits.