Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Buy a Suit in Bogota

A little backstory first (Skip if you don't care, it has nothing to do with suits).

 My family is living in Panama. None of us are Panamanians. However both of my parents are living here so they have work visas that let them stay. I was planning on leaving for my mission much earlier so I never got a work visa. So here I am in Panama (beautiful country) on a tourist visa. Well those only last for six months. Mine expires at the end of January. To reset it all you need to do is leave the country and come back in. Simple. A little planing later and I'm going to spend a week in Bogota, Colombia. Cool right. Who would have though that I would be spending my 19th birthday in Bogota. Not me. Bogota also has a swiss embassy so I can get my Swiss passport while I'm there. (Incase you are curious Panama dose not have a swiss embassy). So after a day in Bogota we (my mom and I) realize that Bogota is freezing. Like cold. The high is in the 70s F (20s C). Coming from Panama we both come to the conclusion that it is way easier to buy most of my missionary stuff here (where they sell things like sweaters) then in Panama (your lucky to find wool). 

At first we didn't know what to look for in suits. We kinda knew but not well. So I wanted to share a three websites I found that helped me. 

First Website

I like how they explained the double vent. I always though it was odd until they explain that it makes it easier to get to your pockets. Cool

Second Website

This one is great because it has pictures on how a suit should fit. 

Third Website

This is from the church and has the rules for a suit along with pictures of missionaries in suits. Great to see whats allowed. 

Conclusion. None of these websites was ground breaking but they helped me to pick out two awesome suits.