Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First Week at the MTC

Week one at the MTC has gone great!!! I arrived a day early which was scary because I didn't know if anyone would know I was going to be arriving but sure enough there was my two crazy zone leaders who helped me find my room. There seriously polar opposites but they made a great companionship. They both headed out yesterday so hopefully Ill be able to meet them in the field. 

One the topic of companions I have an awesome companion. Were so in sync its not even funny. We cant play rock paper scissors because we always tie. His name is Elder Park and he's from somewhere in Utah (I cant keep track of all of the mini towns). Its awesome because we get along so well, and he's really good and pronouncing words in German so he is constantly correcting my "charming" accent. Hes also from a VonTrop family (did i spell that right? the family from The Sound of Music.) so I'm officially in the MTC Choir which is awesome because you get the best seats for devotionals. 

The MTC is AMAZING. I love it and don't ever want to leave. The food is fairly decent if you know to avoid the orange juice (i still havent tried it, to many bad stories). When you first arrive you get a bright orange dot on your name tag so everyone knows to say hi. I cant believe its been a week already. Everyone is super nice and friendly. I meet an Elder from switzerland today and he spoke german and I understood him!!!!!! 

We gave our first lesson in german on our second day here..... so that first one went... well.. intersesting. Basicaly all i could say was "Gott libt du" which I hope mean God loves you. Our lesson with him yesterday was way better. Every time we pray we pray in german so im already forgetting how to pray in English, it feels wired to pray in english. We also sing all of our songs in German and I can bear my testiomny in German, so thats pretty darn awsome. 

Everyone in my german class has taken german before so were all kinda on the same page (Or at least in the same chapter) Although i freaked out the teacher because i knew what the command form was from spanish class. 

My companion and I have been called to be Sacrament Music People (I cant remember the exact name) Basically we pick the songs we sing in sacrament meeting. Its kinda sad because no one in our missionary ward can play the piano so im trying to learn Called to Serve and my companion is trying to learn Choose the Right. 

One thing that Ive really learned while teaching lessons and study the scriptures is that we have the ability to pray for anything, not just the usual blessings or giving thanks. We can pray for a purer heart or wisdom to fix our faults. You just have to get creative and the Lord will bless you so long as it is righteous. 

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Selfie with my Companion outside of the Provo Temple

Elder Flickinger