Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Singing for an Apostle

Snail Races

Ok this week has been crazy. We've finally gotten into the swing of things which is still crazy because every minute you're scheduled to be doing something. I haven't even been able to write in my journal this week. 

So Dad totally nailed it with my companion... He likes to be places on time and I'm constantly late. Or I was up until last week, then we started getting to class early. I was like wow Im getting great at this.... Nope. Yesterday I discovered that he changed my clock so that I would get ready faster. 

Anyways my companion is great he understands my need to bust out into random song and since he can sing and knows basically every song under the sun we have a blast walk to and fro places. 

Speaking of singing I GOT TO SING FOR AN APOSTLE!!!!!! It was so crazy. I was in the choir and the director (Who is super funny btw) tells us that were singing for someone special but wouldn't tell us who. So we show up on Tuesday for the devotional and learn that we get to sing "My Prayer" or more commonly known as "More Holiness Give Me" (Look it up its amazing) to Elder Holland! It also turns out that our director called his secretary and pried it out of her that "More Holiness Give Me" is his favorite song! It was so amazing. He then gave this amazing talk about how in the armor of God our only weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, which is also called the Word of God. So basically he told us that we need to SPEAK as missionaries and we cant remain silent. He also went into how our only guaranteed convert on our mission should be ourselves. It was so cool and spiritual. 

This week has been great. We do a lot of role playing with investigators. We have two right now and our first lesson went great but our second one was a bit more rocky. Were still learning how to bounce off one another as a companionship. But we did these little "teach the lesson in 7 minutes" practice and I have to say I felt like we nailed it. Tomorrow we get to do TRC which means we skype a real family in Germany and basically give them a short lesson. Did I mention that all of our lessons so far have been in German! Its crazy right. Also we pray so much in German that praying in English sounds wired. They actually taught us how to pray in German first. I guess they figure if anyone is going to know what we're trying to say it will be our Heavenly Father. 

So I lost my daily planner this morning. I just found it which is awsome expect for the fact that it was in my pocket..... In the washing machine. :( Guess I have to figure out how to get a new one. 

Snail Racing

So heres my testimony in german.

Mein Zeugnis

Guten morgen Bruders und Schwester. Ich Glaube dass Familien ewig ist. Ich weiss dass das Buch Mormon wahr ist und von Gott ist. Ich glaube Gott seine kinder liebe. Ich glaube der Heiligen Geist leiten. Ich weiss dass Gott unser ewig Vater ist. Wir K├Ânnen durch den Heiligen Geist wissen, das Evangelium wahr ist. Ich weiss den Heiligen Geist gebeten antworten. Ich weiss dass das Kirche ist wahr und ein Prophet leiten das Kirche en unser letzten Tage. 

Basically in English

I believe that families are eternal. I know that the book of mormon is true and it is from God. I believe that God loves us and the Holy Ghost can lead us. I know that God is our eternal father. We can know that the Gospel is true through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost answers prayers. And I know that the church is true and we have a prophet leading us in these latter days. 

Sorry its not that organized it was created based off what words I knew.

Its been great to read all of ur emails. I hope that everyone is doing great and thanks for all of the prayers. 

Elder Flickinger