Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another Crazy Week at the MTC

This week has been crazy. We got to teach a German member (unfortunately we don't Skype them because enough people in Provo UT. are German) Also my capitalization is also going nuts because Germans are capitalization happy. 

This week my "Ziel' is to learn to play two songs on the Piano. I can kinda play Called to Serve and Come Follow Me. Come Follow Me is insainly easy so I guess I know what we are going to be singing in church on Sunday. Thanks again mom for having me take piano lessons and learning to play the violin. Its weird but I still remember most of it. (Except how to play left hand. But I might sneak a google in to figure that out). 

On a funny german story Ive accidentally been saying "Jesus Christi hat fur uns getort" which I thought was "Jesus died for all of us" Turns out its "Jesus killed for all of us." It should be "Jesus Christi hat fur uns gesterbt" which is "Jesus died for all of us" Turns out the word for dead "Tod" and the verb to kill "toten" are more alike than the verb to die "gesterben" .... opps, that explains all of the odd looks i get.  good thing im learning this now when im just talking to members and not scaring off Germans with false doctrine. Also it turns out the the Swedes and Romainish have been having the same problem. #LearningANewLanguage

This week my companion got an ankle injury so I finally got to wait in the waiting room of the Clinic. They have an Origami section so I learned how to make a Snail, a Bird, and a Gold Fish! It was fun because we had to go to the clinic then off campus to get Xrays. (Going off campus make us really happy because the campus is kinda small so we cherish the opportunity to see the outside world) Then we had to go to the clinic. So basicaly I learned origami and the only reading I had was the handbook so I now know all the rules inside and out. whoop whoop.

The IT vs. Missionaries war has its victor. ME :) I found a computer and a small work around that lets me upload photos :) I think its how they want you to do it because its what the instruction on one of the scripts they have on its says to do so I dont know how much of a work around it is, but it works so I'm happy. 

All in all this week has been fun and exhausting. They are not kidding when they say a missionary can fall asleep at the end of the day in a second. We get up at 6:30 every day except on Monday when we have to get up at 6:00 to do a special service (Cleaning the MTC, everyone has to do it).

My spiritual experience from this week was from a talk by Elder Christopherson which he gave for devotional about how you need to learn to love the people you serve. If the Germans in Germany are anything like the Germans I've met at the MET then that will be no problem. As long as you love the people you can get around some mispronounced words and a "charming" accent and let the spirit teach. 

Ps. Im so jealous that the school just now got 3d printers. And there was a robotics comp at the city of knowledge just after as I left.... what is this? 

Elder Flickinger