Monday, June 29, 2015

Week One in Germany

This week has been crazy. I'm officially in Germany!!!! I arrived the
first day we we got straight to work with orientation. We also got
iPads! It's so cool we can download videos to share and we can have
the Book of Mormon in basically every language (something I soon
learned was a necessity) after they fed us they got us started with a
board display. We started talking to random people in the street about
das Buch Mormon basically. It was cool, Frankfurt has a million
languages and is extremely international.

We stayed the night in the hotel and then in the morning did a bit
more orientation and we finally got our companions and areas. My comp
is Elder Crittenden from Utah. He's really cool and is a great
trainer. We've been going strong since I got here. It took us two days
to get to Paderborn because we had district meeting in Unna and it was
a waste of euro to go to Paderborn then turn around the next day. So I
finally made it to my new home.

Sunday was the best. We got to church a bit earlier and I was able to
meet most of the members. Then in sacrament meeting, Sunday school,
and Priesthood meeting the branch president made sure to let everyone
know that we have a new missionary (At which point everyone in the
branch of 24 would look at me). I got to give a short testimony in my
check mix German which was fun. It was linger longer this Sunday......
We need to step up our game. This was the best linger longer in my
life. We had a full course meal, which was amazing and I could have
died right then. Someone had made this amazing peach and chicken
thing. And the cake was great too. They had a coconut one, a malize
pan cake. Everyone said hi and talk a bit with me and the kids all
thought it was fun when I couldn't pronounce the word tape in German.
We have about 25 members and 12 of them are under 12.

A bit more about my area. Paderborn is a biking mission. So after a
year plus of not riding a bike that's pretty fun :( it's getting me
into shape that's für sure. We also have buss passes. And our area is
huge! It takes over an hour by train to get to some of the corners and
it's quite expensive so we don't go out there that often. The work is
going to be great here and I'm so excited to get started.

A great moment this week was when we were walking to an appointment we
ran into two people siting on a bench and asked if they would like to
hear a message about Jesus Christ, they said they were just talking
about him and would love to hear what we believe. We have an
appointment with them tomorrow. It was so cool.

So far the languages I've spoken this week
An attempt at farsly (Iran)
Some sigh language to a lady in the park (ain't nothing like making
sentence out of thin air, literally) she wasn't interested but she
gave a thumbs up to Jesus Christ and a thumbs down to Heligen der
Letzten Tage.
So far no Spanish.... Next week.

We're also looking really hard for a service project to do, anyone
have any ideas?

Elder Flickinger