Monday, July 20, 2015

Declaration of War on Fruit Flies

So this week we had a small fruit fly infestation.... That's what I get for trying to eat fruit in Germany. Apparently they have a small attraction to orange peals and have now taken over half the kitchen. But little did they know that we would not give up this land so easily. Hence the war of the kitchen has began. It started with some smacking of flys. Seage started with the throwing away of the garbage bag and it quickly escalated to moving all fruits into the fridge. Offensive moves were necessary so the electric fly swatter was brought in, but even that would not scare them off. We have no choice now but to use extreme measures, a homemade fly trap! Our district leader gave us specific instructions on how to make one from a plastic bottle. The bad part: in Germany you get money for recycling some of the bottles, which means this fly trap is going to cost us 18 cents. O flys how you force us to desperate measures. But this is our land and we will fight to the euro to defend it. (🍊 = fruit fly lighthouse )

This week was a big milestone. I was upgraded from cart pusher to speed bagger. German checkout ladies are the fastest in the world. The catch, you have to bag ur groceries. Not being proficient in the art of speed bagging yet we decided to start with simply just trying to get all the groceries into the cart. Still not an easy task but I survived my first round.

This weeks miracle was brought to you by have a question about Mormons? Go to for all your Mormon related questions. This week we got a referral!!! Which was awesome except were pretty sure he's met with missionaries before because he was a pro at giving us as little info as possible while still receiving the Book of Mormon. Well try to get ahold of him this week, but he seems like a pro at this...... Hmmm.

Today I was reading in the scriptures about Alma the older and how they were delivered out of captivity. It's a great read and really relates to relying on the Lord, and went along with this talk we were listening to about daily bread and how God only gave the Israelites Mannan for the day. Which related to God giving Alma instruction on how to escape the day they were to escape. (Mosiah 23-24)

This week I also tried to plot out everyone in the Book of Mormon that had ahold of the records of the people. I have everyone but I was trying to match it with scriptures and could not find when Mosiah gives the records to Alma the younger (or the older) It's been driving me nuts so if you find a scripture for it please send it my way.

Thanks for all your emails and prayers,

Elder Flickinger

Ps. Anyone from biology class remember the fruit fly lab..... What was the best way to attract red eye flies?