Monday, July 6, 2015

Water and Fire

So this week was great. Saturday was crazy hot and then on Sunday it
was raining cats and dogs while we were on our bikes.... Yea we kinda
got soaked, to the bone. My comp made some homemade mac and cheese
that was so great! The work is going great, we meet with quite a few
people this week. And this Sunday our investigator came to
church!!!that was so cool. Also one of our recent converts is doing a
great job at sharing the gospel so we might get a few more from him.

Funny story for this week. Here in Paderborn a good 50 percent of the
people think that we're Jehovah Witness (even though I have yet to see
one) so earlier this week we doored a street and some guy yelled at me
(I have no clue what he said) and the next lady said that we where
here yesterday. So we decided to door a different area near the
British base. After a few doors this guy came out to his back yard
with two glasses full of ice water. He asked if we were filling in for
the usual missionaries, we told him that we were Mormons and from a
different church and he then asked us a few questions. So moral of the
story; being mistaken as a Jehovah's Witness will get u yelled at and
ice water. Totally worth it

Sorry to keep it short but we're kinda busy today.

Elder Flickinger