Sunday, August 9, 2015

Baptism in Paderborn!!!

This week was amazing! We had a baptism here in Paderborn! To clarify
usually baptism are in a font inside a church, but because the church
building is small here we don't have a baptismal font. So usually
people go to Hagen or Unna or Dortmund to be baptized. However, our
investigator was determined to be baptized in the natural spring water
of Paderborn ever since he learned it was an option. So on Saturday he
was baptized in here in Paderborn. It was so amazing and all of our
ward showed up for the service.

What also amazing this week is we got to talk to Paul's mother (Paul
was the one baptized). She was a little worried about what Paul was
doing, so we helped answer some of her concerns. The amazing part was
that almost every question she asked Paul would answer before we
could. Her first question was if Paul was moving into a gated
community (life lesson there's a lot of crazy lies about Mormons on
the Internet) so we told her no and as far as we knew he had no plans
of moving. Then she had a few doctoral questions and Paul bore an
amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon. She also asked to meet with
us again this week.

At the baptismal service some of his friend and family said how much
they've seen Paul change and how great this church has helped him.
They were all so supportive and the ward was amazing about making
everyone feel welcomed.

And another amazing story this week. A few weeks ago we had a referral which we gave a Book of Mormon too. Last week we
texted him if he wanted to meet and talk about it. Eventually we got a
meeting set up. The first one was a bit strange but the second one was
really spiritual and I think he said he knew this church was true (I
still don't understand all German) and we invited him to be baptized
and he accepted! Which is so cool because this was about 3 hours after
Paul's baptism. Done with one investigator onto the next.

This week was so cool. I know this church is true. And the best part
is it's simple to know for yourself. Meet with the missionaries to
learn what we believe, read the Book of Mormon, and then pray about it
all and I know God will let you know, I've seen it it my life and in
others. If you want to know more go to and request a
meeting with the missionaries or chat with them online at you won't regret it, it will bless your life beyond
measure. Don't believe me, just try it. What do you have to lose? An
hour of ur time? (low risk, high reward, sound like a deal to me;)

Thanks for all your prayers and emails,

Elder Flickinger