Monday, August 31, 2015

Museum Hide and go Seek

Last p-day was awsome! We went to the Heinz Nixdorf Museum. It starts
off with accent record keeping and works though human history till
about 10 years ago with technology. They had ancient calculators and
mores code. Some way old telephone router that was massive and supper
loud but you could call someone on the other end of the museum. And my
personal favorite part, robots!!! They had these robots that you could
play hide and go seek with. They would also take you to different
parts of the museum. It's awsome. Their kinda Dalekish from Doctor Who
so hopefully no bad wolfs show up. (Hehehe doctor who joke)

I also gave my first talk in German yesterday! I gave it over the
restoration and a member told me it was great, so I'll take her word
for it. I think my German was fairly understandable. Afterwords we
sung "Joseph smiths first prayer" or "O wie lieblich war der Morgen"
it was so cool. I also gave the last talk and finished right on time.
Boo yaa. And we had two investigator in the congregation, which was
awesome because a member just showed up with her friend. Awesome

This week we're going to try to go find a castle, fingers crossed.

Elder Flickinger