Monday, September 28, 2015

Baking Bread and Buying Chocolate

Fun news. The food nanny (from byu tv) came to our zone conference.
She taught us all how to make bread in under 30 minutes. (Whoop whoop)
along with pizza dough. We're trying it out as a zone. She also sent
us all some new recipes that work in Germany. Speaking of recipes
anyone have some good potato ones? My comp is from Idaho and potatoes
are about as cheap as the dirt they come from.

So this week has been a bit chaotic..... Just a bit. We have had one
to many meetings, on Tuesday we had zone conferences, on Saturday and
Sunday we had stake conference. Doesn't sound like a lot until you
factor in that it takes about 2 hours to get to stake conference and 6
to get to zone conference (and who knows how long to get back). So I
got to spend a lot of time in transportation this week. Which is good,
I got to read a bit in the BoM and take some time to ponder over some
of its teachings.

We did get in some great contacting this week. I started talking to a
man on a buss, who then looked at me with the most puzzled look on his
face and says "I don't speak German" ENGLISH!!! O sweet English. We
got talking about religion and he wasn't to religious but we had a
great conversation about prayers. I was talking about how prayer is
really important to us. I forget what he said but basically he was so
shocked that I believe God does answer prayers. I then told him that
normally we don't get to hear a voice but we do get a feeling of peace
and joy. Unfortunate it was then his stop. But it got me thinking
about how some of the things I take as so simple(like how we recive
answers to prayers) some people have never even heard of.

On more worldly news we got permission to update to iOS 9!!!!! It's
awesome!! I'm slightly obsessed with the new notes app. I must admit I
don't know if I like the fact that the keyboard changes letters when
it capitalized but I think it will make it easier at the MET when kids
learn typing. The new notes app is the best! We don't get to download
any apps so we can't get a good note taking app so I was so happy to
see that we can now add drawings to my notes! It's so cool.

More worldly news, our grocery store had a %50 sale on
chocolate....... May have stocked up for a while.... I regret nothing.

My favorite daily thing about a mission so far is just having the
coolest conversations with the most random people about their beliefs.
I have to say my favorite part of a mission though is when they
finally know that the Church is true, and when they have enough faith
to act.

Till next week,

Elder Flickinger