Monday, October 26, 2015

House Shoes

So in Germany they have a culture of house shoes. There basically
slippers that you wear inside. It's pretty awesome because it keeps
your feet warm. :) and real Germans have house shoes for you to wear
when you visit. This week while at a members appointment I broke down
and decided that I finally needed a picture of the famous house shoes.
The member started cracking up. She apparently thought it was riot
that I wanted a picture of slippers. Glad I made her day. The best
part is we then had a good 5 min. conversation about what Americans
wear indoors.

We did a lot of work this week. We had five appointments in one day
unfortunate two fell through. (Or as I say in danglish "gecanceld") I
was super excited that I didn't get transferred because we have some
solid investigators that I really want to see progress.

This week I studied king Benjamins first General Conference. He gave a
great talk you should all read it in Mosiah chapter 2 through about

Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Dooring

Coolest thing happens this week. We were dooring in a tiny little Dorf
and one lady opens the door, before we can even say anything she says
" o hi elders, ummm, come on in" don't need to tell me twice.
Apparently she's from Alabama, and had a Mormon friend in high school,
she went to family home evening every week with them too. So she ended
us inviting us over for thanksgiving! How cool is that. Her husband
had to leave for bible study and he was able to give us a ride back
into town. I already love this family, and I don't even know how to
say their last name.

We also had a lot of termins outside of Paderborn this week. We spent
some time in Lipstat this week with a member from another ward (but
works in our area) who gave us a referral, and feed us lunch. All in
all a pretty awsome week.

This week I have to give a short talk on virtue. Any thoughts? Or good

We're going to go bowling with the zone today for Pday so I don't have
a lot of time to write, sorry.

Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 12, 2015

Power of the suit

Never underestimate the power of a suit. This week I got checked for
Schwartzfahering (riding without a ticket) twice. The first time I had
forgot my wallet in the apartment. Ahhh. So I did the walk of shame to
the front of the buss (they lock all the doors so it's the only way
out) and told the guy I forgot it. The then took me and the other lady
to the side of the street. Gave her a ticket. Luckily it was district
meeting day so I was still wearing my suit. He then looked at me and
said "Achtung" or something like it. I have honestly no idea what he
said but he then left, I was jumping with joy, I got a warning! The
second time it was the same guy when he got to me he said "hello
again" I made it into a big joke that I had learned my lesson. Moral
of the story wear a suit when Schwartzfahering.

This week we found an amazing new investigator. We doored into his
mother a week ago and asked if we could come back. Then we doored into
him (in the four times we've been to his house I have yet to have the
same person answer twice). His dad is from Columbia! And his mother is
German. So it was awesome when he forgot the word for homework in
German and said it in Spanish! Cool beans. He's already read the
introduction and we're going to continue to meet with him to answer
his questions. All in all I'm excited to see him progress, one minor
problem he doesn't believe in God, as a being, so he says he won't
pray till he believes in him. I appreciate the respect.

Besides that just another day in the neighborhood.

Elder Flickinger

Elder Flickinger

Monday, October 5, 2015

German General Confernece

Hey everyone

General conference was amazing! I got to listen to it in English (yeah
for my Muttersprache) I still can't believe we have three new
apostles! They seemed to mention following the Holy Ghost a lot and
keeping the sabbath day holy. I still haven't watched Sunday
afternoon since the time zones are so crazy. I always find it funny
how there seem to be overarching themes in each conference even though
it not planed.

This week was a little chaotic, in stake conference they kept saying
how much of a blessing it was to have missionaries in your home.
Suddenly we had a lot of member appointments. Hmmm wonder if there's a
connection there.... Our members here are great I love them all. We
visited a member that lives pretty far away. At the end we asked if
there was anything we could do to help him. He looked at us straight
in the eye then said " you can do missionary work in my town" I was
expecting something boring like "I need help moving boxes" but no, he
just wants us to do what we do every day just in his town every so
often. No problem we can do that.

Where going to try to start a gospel principles class so that our
investigators and new converts get a good solid foundation. All we
need is just approval from our branch president. I'm excited but super
scared to be teaching a class in German. I can understand the book in
German (after reading the chapter three times in English....) but I
have no clue how to teach in German. Let's just say I might be
inviting a lot of member to come to help answer anyone's questions.

Fun story, we missed our train to get home from General conference
last night, so we had to wait another hour for the next one. We got
home about 11:20 pm last night. I'm just loads of energy today.
Loads... :|

Elder Flickinger