Monday, October 26, 2015

House Shoes

So in Germany they have a culture of house shoes. There basically
slippers that you wear inside. It's pretty awesome because it keeps
your feet warm. :) and real Germans have house shoes for you to wear
when you visit. This week while at a members appointment I broke down
and decided that I finally needed a picture of the famous house shoes.
The member started cracking up. She apparently thought it was riot
that I wanted a picture of slippers. Glad I made her day. The best
part is we then had a good 5 min. conversation about what Americans
wear indoors.

We did a lot of work this week. We had five appointments in one day
unfortunate two fell through. (Or as I say in danglish "gecanceld") I
was super excited that I didn't get transferred because we have some
solid investigators that I really want to see progress.

This week I studied king Benjamins first General Conference. He gave a
great talk you should all read it in Mosiah chapter 2 through about

Elder Flickinger