Monday, October 12, 2015

Power of the suit

Never underestimate the power of a suit. This week I got checked for
Schwartzfahering (riding without a ticket) twice. The first time I had
forgot my wallet in the apartment. Ahhh. So I did the walk of shame to
the front of the buss (they lock all the doors so it's the only way
out) and told the guy I forgot it. The then took me and the other lady
to the side of the street. Gave her a ticket. Luckily it was district
meeting day so I was still wearing my suit. He then looked at me and
said "Achtung" or something like it. I have honestly no idea what he
said but he then left, I was jumping with joy, I got a warning! The
second time it was the same guy when he got to me he said "hello
again" I made it into a big joke that I had learned my lesson. Moral
of the story wear a suit when Schwartzfahering.

This week we found an amazing new investigator. We doored into his
mother a week ago and asked if we could come back. Then we doored into
him (in the four times we've been to his house I have yet to have the
same person answer twice). His dad is from Columbia! And his mother is
German. So it was awesome when he forgot the word for homework in
German and said it in Spanish! Cool beans. He's already read the
introduction and we're going to continue to meet with him to answer
his questions. All in all I'm excited to see him progress, one minor
problem he doesn't believe in God, as a being, so he says he won't
pray till he believes in him. I appreciate the respect.

Besides that just another day in the neighborhood.

Elder Flickinger

Elder Flickinger