Monday, November 2, 2015

Dooring on Halloween

This week was great. We we're able to meet with some amazing members. One of our meetings a young man didn't show up so we were unable to go in, (missionaries can only enter a house if someone of their gender is in the house) so we pulled the table to the door and we sat outside and she sat inside and had a great dinner. Eventful her daughter invited some friends over so that we could come inside. They had to explain after we left why we couldn't come in. The man just seemed so puzzled the whole time we were there. 

This week we finished going through all of the commandments with our investigator that is progressing towards baptism. That means we just have to go through the last lessons and we're done! He's made so much progress it's amazing to see the changes he's made. I'm really hoping that I don't get transferred before his scheduled baptismal date. 

Halloween was fairly fun. We were doing some buss finding and had a bit of time to do some doors when we realized it was Halloween as a herd of children walked up to a door..... Maybe not the best day to knock on people's doors dressed up as missionaries. Although I don't think it's a common costume. :p

We're going to spend the Pday with our district. Which will be fun so I don't have a ton of time to write.

Spiritual thought of the week. I was reading the general conference talks and I came across these great questions by Dieter F. Uchtdorf to ask ourselves from time to time. These are just a few that help us, he also proposed others that help us evaluate if we're making things to complicated.
"Does my life have meaning?"
"Do I believe in God?"
"Do I believe that God knows and loves me?"
"Do I believe that God hears and answers my prayers?"
"Am I truly happy?"
"Are my efforts leading me to the highest spiritual goals and values in life?"

Thanks for all of your prayers and support
Elder Flickinger