Monday, November 23, 2015

Getting Stuck in Dahl

This week was crazy fast. On Wednesday we headed over to a small town
in our area called Dahl. We did checked up of a few people. One of
them took a little longer then we expected and we ended up having to
wait an hour for the buss. So we decided to try to walk half of
it...... We ended us stoping at this tiny little buss station in the
middle of nowhere. There was literally nothing by this bus station,
I'm pretty sure it was the buss drivers first time picking someone up
from there.

We also discovered that after 5 months in Germany I still cannot say
squirrel in German. It's not as easy as it sounds. Eichhörnchen. One
day Elder Flickinger, one day.

A girl in our ward got baptized this week. We tried to go but ended up
taking the wrong buss so we showed up an hour late..... Yup trying to
make a good impression with the ward. We did get to bring some people
with us so that was awesome that they could meet everyone. And see a
Taufbecken, even if it was being drained.

I gave my second talk in German this week. It was over scripture study
so I found scriptures to go along with the song "as I search the holy
scriptures" then I realized the German version was a little different
so I reorganized a small part. Afterwords one of the members told me
that my German has definitely improved since I got here. (Take that

The work is going along great. I have a split this week with our
district leader and I'm excited to soak in as much as I can. Because
Paderborn is so far away we do a two day split to make up for lost
travel time. Which makes the split only more fun :)

Elder Flickinger