Monday, November 16, 2015

One by one

This week was pretty cool. We were dooring at the university and found
a man that spoke English. Soon his friend showed up and said he had
talked to missionaries before. He then invited us in and we started
talking about the gospel. Eve talk another fiend showed up and all
throughout the lesson more people kept joining. It was so awsome! Most
all had the same question, what separates us from other christen
churches, our answer Joseph smith, the Book of Mormon, and the
restored priesthood. Every single one said they wanted a BoM to read!
Unfortunately one left for Frankfurt, so we had to give him to the
elders there. But we get to keep the other four.

This week we have zone training so we get to see the whole zone. Also
were headed off to a tiny town in our area because a member found
someone who want to hear more about the gospel! Our members here are
so cool.

My spiritual through this week: praying always by singing hymns. I had
to give a talk in district meeting about praying always and the entire
way their I was tying to think of a personal experience (I also
through in a few prayers to help me) but couldn't think of anything.
Until finally while giving my talk the idea hit me. "the song of the
righteous is a prayer unto me" and we can pray always by singing.
Which I related to a time in the mtc when I was so happy I just could
help but sing "Glory to God" in the middle of summer. I literally just
gained a personal experience about praying always while giving a talk
about praying always (I call it Gospel-ception)

Thanks for all of your emails

Elder Flickinger