Monday, December 14, 2015

American military

The new ward is amazing!!! There massive, like a standard 200 people
ward, and they all speak English. And they feed us! Talk about
missionary work, pray for the missionaries, feed the missionaries.
It's like a missionary heaven here. I'm super excited for this area.
My comp is great. He's from Northern California.

So our district is a bit different here, our district is basically me,
my comp (district leader) and the zone leaders. It's a small district,
but we share the building with the ktown district so there's a lot of
missionaries here.

My first day here I learned the hard way that when they say you need a
passport to get on base they mean it. Like a lot, no photocopy
forgerie, so now I know :) fun first day. We spent a bit of time at
the American shopping center (BX) it's like little America. They have
Taco Bell and Johnny Rockets! How cool is that. It's so weird it's
like a second culture shock.

I'm so excited for this area and can't wait until I actually learn
some of the members names,

Elder Flickinger