Monday, December 21, 2015

Mission Conference Christmas Edition

This week was super fun, the highlight definitely seemed to be the
mission conference that we had. It was four zones and I got to see
some old friends from the MTC (missionary training center). Also this
Sunday we got our schedules filled up for Christmas week. Everyone's
inviting us over for the Christmas holiday. The ward here is amazing.

At zone training we learn about how to help investigators (people
looking into the church) progress using commitments. It was a funny
example of a man wanting to play professional soccer but not wanting
to practice or even try. Sometimes it's like when people say they want
to know if the church is true, and are happy to meet with us, but
won't read in the Book of Mormon, come to church, or pray about what
they've learned. He also helped us understand that they might not know
how important it is to do those things, but we do and it's our
responsibility to help them see that.

At church this week I got to sing in the choir, whoop whoop. We sung
some great songs, it was kinda scary because we didn't do so great in
the practice before sacrament but we were able to pull it off. Power
of prayer? :)

I'm super excited for Christmas in Germany, and to skype my family. Can't wait.

Elder Flickinger