Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving in Germany

So German thanksgiving is earlier in the year then American thanksgiving. But we got to spend it with an American that invited "only close family this year" which was funny because everyone there was saying how small it was and I thought it already filled the dinning room table. It was great food! I ate a ton, like literally almost a ton. And then she brought out the pumpkin pie! It was so awesome. She's not a member but had a friend in high school that was and says she tries to always invite the Elders over for thanksgiving. It was so much fun, also everyone there works in the university so it was just like at home, being in a room full of educators. 

We also got to spend one time to check out the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) which every town sets up in the middle of the town. It's pretty cool. they have food and treats and food. (I'll let you guess what my favorite part is) Not going to lie I think we have the best one in the district. 

This week is transfers! I've been in Paderborn for 4 transfers so I might be leaving this one. Don don don gasp. Right in time to not celebrate Christmas with the ward. :( but there is also a good chance that I stay and my comp Elder Blau leaves.

The church has a supper cool new christmas video (it's 2 minutes) at Christmas.mormon.org

Also when you go to discover.mormon.org you can find a page about what you should know about missionaries. I'll try to send a link next week. But it also has great 60 second videos about our beliefs.

So that was my week. I hope you all have a good week and enjoy the Christmas season. 

Elder Flickinger