Monday, January 25, 2016

The Mystery of the Nameless Member

This week we had a "Meet the Mormons" showing. Which included snacks
and a lot of invitations. The two weeks prior to it we invited
everyone we talked to, I mean everyone. We passed out invitations, the
whole nine yards. Day of the show, practically no one showed up :( a
few member family's (maybe 7 people) and the ward missionaries. Then
at the last minute a man walks in with two friends. Now I recognize
the man from church so naturally I introduce myself and find out that
their here in the military and are going to be here in Germany for
three more months. So we watch the movie and afterwords I go to our
ward missionary and ask him if he knows the members name "I think it
starts with a m" after quizzing a few others we discover that he has
been here for three months, his friends are on the same rotation. He
always sits in the back, (probably why we recognize him) and never got
his papers moved to our ward because it's all temporary. Cool but the
problem is we have no clue what his name is. Nice to know that the
member with no name is bringing friend to church activities.

That's my funny story of the week. If you want, you can see meet the
Mormons on Netflix, Amazon, and I think it's on YouTube, not sure to
be honest.

Elder Flickinger