Monday, January 18, 2016

Turning Necks

Missionaries have a crazy ability to learn languages. Within two days a missionary can give a simple prayers, within one week you are teaching a lesson, and by six weeks your able to have some basic conversations. Within six months you get to the point where your able to understand everyone (and everything they say), and by one year your fluent in the language. Or at least that's the average for our mission. Personal results vary but usually that's how it goes here for the Frankfurt mission. 

This week's funny story goes in hand with that. I'm currently in an American military ward. People are usually here for about three years then continue to travel the world, naturally lots want to learn a bit of the local language while they're here. This week in priesthood class we announced from the side of the class room that we would be starting a German class for everyone that wants to learn a bit of German, nothing to strict or rigorous, just a simple little German lesson here and their. You should have seen how everyone turned their heads, at the exact same time, and looked like little owls with large eyes. It was as if their was an inaudible "Ohhhhhh" I have the faint feeling that we will have high attendees for this class. We mighty even need to get a bigger boat (thats right I just put a Jaws reference in their;)

I also stumbles across a great old Mormon Message called Create (1:53) I like how this one invites us to make something, anything. To make the world a better, a more beautiful place. Let me know what your think about it. 

Good luck this week creating something

Elder Flickinger