Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sonntag

Easter was so cool! Germans have this cool tradition of hanging Easter
eggs on trees! How cool is that. Don't worry the eggs are hollow so
they don't stink. Some of our American members have even adopted the

We got to spend Easter at a members house. They made us fish, bread
and honey. It's a cool tradition they have that they took from the
bible. And man did they know how to cook salmon. They use to live in
Alaska where apparently you eat a lot of salmon.

Church was cool. We had a great program, lots of musical numbers,
including a cool song about a Roman soldier who witnessed everything
but ended up believing on Christ and repenting. Really interesting
song. One cool point that a speaker pointed out was that we know
Christ had to be dead for three days according to prophesy, but he was
only dead for about 40 hours, because he died late in the evening
Friday night, buried all day Saturday, and was resurrected early in
the morning on Sunday. It's a cool fact that also shows that, Christ
didn't want his loved ones morning for more then necessary. He rose
from the dead as soon as possible and told his loved ones.

Hope that all made sense

Elder Flickinger