Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Crazy cool miracle week!

So we went to the Gutenberg printing press museum today! It was so
cool, I was like a kid in a candy store, although I could seriously spend
hours there. It was so cool. They even had a presentation and I
volunteered. Man those printers people back then had to have
muscle. But I got to keep the paper, which has the first page of the
bible. It was so cool how he made the printing press (although the
Chinese had it figured out years earlier). I'm happy. :)

Other great moment was teaching a guy from Brazil, who told
us that he got on a wrong buss three weeks ago and we were on it
talking to a lady and he was super impressed about how strong our
testimonies were and so he decided to meet with us when we talked with
him on the street. How cool is that.

Meet with our atheist investigator and on our way to a bench
to sit down we ran into a Colombian Independence Party and a member
was there who joined us for the lesson. Which was cool because we had
set the goal to have a member present at our other lesson and our
member snuffed lasst minute. Thank you miracles :) it was great to
have her testimony about how she found the church.

Old guy go by. Went by on this less active (no background info just a
name and address) well we show up, it's a retirement home. So we find
his apartment and knock on the door, we go in and start talking. It
was supper cool cuze I felt inspired to read Lehi's dream with him.
Which was so cool cuze the beginning part related to him so great. At
first Lehi's is following the Angel but then gets lost, and after
wandering in darkness for a long while, prayed and then saw the tree
of life and the iron rod. So we got to relate that to his life and how
he just needs to pray and start reading the BoM, we asked if we could
come back and he said he wasn't reading because he doubts to much.
(Slap in the face, that's why you meet with the missionaries) well we
left and then I realized that I had left my BoM there. So we have a
legitimate reason to go back.

Thanks everyone for everything,

Thanks care,

Elder Flickinger