Monday, August 8, 2016

Hiking a Hill and Meeting an Atheist

This week was great. We got to go to this relay cool tower this week.
Which took a bit of a walk but it was worth it. One thing that will
never stop amazing me about Germany is how many ancient buildings
there are here. It's such an amazing land with ancient history. We had
great weather which made it even better. It turns out that next to
this tower there is a restaurant that has tigers that they bring out
while your eating..... It was closed today but it defiantly has my
interest peaked.

My favorite lesson this week was with this atheist, who we got talking
about some experiment that he had studied in his science class (he's a
nuclear science major). After he explained how they were able to prove
certain facts, it was supper cool to be able to relate that to how we
can prove spiritual facts. We set up an experiment and watch the
results. However unlike an experiment on a rat we need to experiment
with our lives. We need to change them according to the teaching of
Christ and if they help us, then we know their true.

Take care,

Elder Flickinger