Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas in Germany

Merry Christmas everyone. I had a great week this week. We got spoiled
by our ward here. The American members know how to cook man. I think i
might need a new belt but I regret nothing.

We had a fun time this Christmas at a members house. We went by after
church and got to eat dinner with them and Skype our families. It was
just a chill day which doesn't happen to often in the mission.
Fortunately and unfortunately Christmas here is three days. Great but
also means all the stores are closed today so well have to do shopping
tomorrow. Luckily we have a dinner appointment tonight so we wont

We were able to teach someone this week. I always love teaching about
the Plan of Salvation because it just makes sense. It answers the
questions "why am I here?" "Where do i go?" And "where did i come
from?" In such a simple and true way.

Anyways sorry not to write a lot this week. We're going to go try and
hike up to this random Labrayth in the woods around where we live.
Figures crossed that we can find our way back out.

Elder Flickinger