Monday, December 12, 2016

Ping Pong in Feucht

So after a few more adventures p-day we decided to have a bit more
relaxing of a pday and just go play ping pong in our neighboring
church area Feucht. Its been a fun day and definitely nice to have a
relaxing pday. We have a great group of missionaries here.

Cooking adventure this week: trying to make a coconut chicken soup.
Not the best turn out, but still edible. Im not quite sure what the
Vietnamese secret is but I still cant replicate Tom Kai Gui.... one
day Vietnamese... one day. This weeks adventure. Pineapple chicken
stir fry. Fingers crossed.

Bedside that we had a cool miracle this week. We had some time before
our bus came to we went out to go talk to some people. One of them was
a woman from Regensburg. We got to show her the new christmas video
and talked a bit about our church. What was interesting was at first
she didnt show to much interest but after a while of talking she
adentmently told us that she would give us a call. It really cool
being able to see the spirit work in people.

I also had to give a talk in church. Just like the coconut chicken
soup, not the best. But I did have a good outline. I didnt realize how
hard it was to give a talk when you have to pause after every sentence
to wait for translation. I always thought that would be great because
you have time to think, but it has the reverse affect and always makes
me lose my train of thought. So the talk was okay. It was about
Christmas hope. I talked about how the wise man saw the star in the
sky as a sign of hope that their savior was born, that the Nephites
had a sign given to them (a day and night and day without darkness) as
a sign of hope, and how in our day the Book of Mormon is our sign of
hope that leads us to Christ.

Merry Christmas,

Elder Flickinger