Monday, January 16, 2017

We had a Baptism!!!

So we've been meeting with this 16 year old since right before
Christmas and she got baptized this week. It's been really cool
meeting with her. Not only has she read the entire Book of Mormon (a
rarity among people getting baptized) she also has finished her
personal progress (the young woman's program similar to scouting but
more spiritual, which is a rarity to have finished at this age among
members). Her parents showed up to support the baptism and they both
have said that they have seen a difference in their daughters life
since she's been coming to church and going to the youth activities.
Her best friend gave a talk at the baptism, she really did a lot, and
I'm sure she answered a million questions, when we weren't there. He
best friends dad was baptized as he met his wife and this was his
first time going through the missionary lesson since his baptism. He
preformed the baptism and I did the confirmation. She showed up an
hour early to be baptism but a half hour late on Sunday for the
confirmation (which gave me a heart attack) Were not meeting with her
this week because it's finals week at her school so next week we'll
start going through the lessons again.

Fun part of living in german, our heat went out last night. Luckily
our apartment was still warm this morning but our hot water was also
out. So in Germany there are these little electric kettles... imagine
a water jug with a metal coil at the bottom. It boils a liter of water
in about 2 min! So I pluged that in the bathroom and used it to shave,
I feel so environmentally friendly, I can shave on just a 1/2 liter of
water. In case you wanted to know.

Hope you guys have a great day,

Elder Flickinger