Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weekly email

So we had a fun week. We got to share the new Easter film with a ton
of people. And general conference was cool. Andreas showed up for the
Saturday morning session. But after the third talk he got a text from
his wife that the water pipe broke in the house so he had to run home
to fix that. They had workers till about midnight. But he's off on
vacation now so I won't see him again till I have WhatsApp. It's been
way cool teaching him because he has a huge desire to follow God.

Today we're going to Frankfurt to be tourist there and then we're
heading up to friedrichdorf to see the temple before we have a meeting
with president Uchtdorf! He's meeting with three steaks and is going
to be talking about missionary work! It's exciting! Unfortunate we
missed our train by a minute so we have a little less time then wnted
in Frankfurt but it should still be fun.

This week we also went on a split with worms. I was in Mannheim with
elder Taylor, he's currently training and halfway through the split we
get a call. His trainie (elder Lichtenberg) forgot the keys so they
came back to pick them up from us. We got to show a lot of people the
video and even got two appointments! So hopefully that works out well.

Bis später,

Elder Flickinger